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- What’s about Arabian Horse Plantation -

​This plantation is located on a hillside area in the Hidaka district (formerly Hidaka Town), Hidaka Town, Saryu District, Hokkaido. The course set up for horseback riding is full of ups and downs, allowing you to enjoy the scenery of each season. The course is set according to the level of the rider, and the rider rides through gentle country roads that are surrounded by untouched nature. For long-distance riding, there are ups and downs with a difference in elevation of about 100 meters, and if certain weather conditions are met, you can even trek while looking at the "sea of clouds" below, and the atmosphere is different from that of horseback riding ranches equipped with modern equipment. You can taste it. ​Enjoy interacting with horses in the great outdoors!

​◆About the sea of clouds stage
At our plantation, you can see a sea of clouds early in the morning in spring or autumn. However, you cannot see it unless the weather conditions are right. The five conditions are as follows. If you are lucky enough to see a sea of clouds, it will be a wonderful horseback riding experience! Horseback riding in such a location is only available here. Don't forget to check the weather on your scheduled day.
​1. Mainly spring and autumn
2. Time period from before dawn to early morning
3. There is a radiative cooling phenomenon
4. High humidity, clear skies, and no wind
​5. There is a difference between the temperature the night before and the temperature that day.
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