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Arabian horse plantation

The mission of the Arabian horse plantation is
to foster respect and compassion for all forms of life.

arabianhorse plantereason for theNext

One of the management systems of Americans who run large-scale wheat farms on vast land.
There is a word called "plantation".
It's not spectacular.
But full of dreams,
It has a strength that feels like it is firmly rooted in the earth.
For us, who work on producing and breeding purebred Arabian horses,
Feel the same idyllic sound and draw your dreams and hopes in this place.
We named it "Arabian Horse Plantation."

​This plantation is not as glamorous as an urban horse riding facility with various facilities, but
You will be greeted by the great nature that is unique to Hidaka. In addition to interacting with horses, you can also experience wild animals, vast mountains, forests, and river water to your heart's content.

◆Pure bloodCommitment to Arabian horses

Even now, we are earnestly pursuing the blood of domestically bred purebred Arabian horses.
Currently about 40
We breed purebred Arabian horses.
Training and training are carried out daily at our plantation.
The trained Arabian horses are
It invites you to the world of horseback riding and opens up a new world for you.

You can also choose an excellent Arabian horse as your personal horse.
It is also possible to own this horse as a competition horse.
The Arabian horse you purchased will be delivered to our plantation.
The prerequisite is to deposit it, but if you are interested, please contact us. ​

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