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Kiyoshi Inoue   Kiyoshi Inoue

Born in Kumamoto Prefecture. In Yokkaichi City, Mie PrefectureHe grew up and moved to the United States at the age of 30.
Learned about dog and horse training in America,
After returning to Japan, he obtained his dog trainer qualification.After conducting field trials (*1) for six years, he owned 17 horses as a hobby while running Inoue Construction in Mie Prefecture. Currently, he has moved to Hidaka-cho, Hokkaido, and is raising 40 horses, including Arabian horses that are compatible with endurance competitions (*2), and offering horseback riding experiences to the general public.Currently running a horse plantation. In the future, we will construct accommodation facilities on the premises where you can feel the great nature of Hokkaido.Also plannedIt is established.Keep chasing your dreams.
*1 Field trial...An owner called a handler and a bird hunting dog are paired together.A sport in which you search for birds hidden within a set field such as a riverbed within a certain amount of time.
*2 Endurance competition: An equestrian competition in which riders ride horses over a long distance of several tens of kilometers over several hours and compete for the best running time.
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