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◆Course settings

​《Trial course》
​ Round trip course from the stables down along the river to the entrance of our plantation
​Ride as if you were taking a leisurely walk.
You can enjoy horses

​《Beginner to intermediate course》

​The basic course is to go down along the river from the stables and enter the forest course halfway through.
We will take courses according to your level.

​《Advanced course》

​Course will be selected according to the weather conditions on the day
Race through a course full of ups and downs, centered around the Sea of Clouds stage.

◆Facility tour fee

Price: 1,500 yen per person
You can tour not only the stables with horses, but also the grounds that are the size of 40 Tokyo Domes.
You can see horses running through the great outdoors and meet wild deer.

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